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Web design is a tricky business, get it right and the amount of traffic you get to your website will boom, meaning that you’re more likely to see an increase of customers, making your business more money, happy days! But if you get it wrong, it can go very, very wrong and it’s not a pleasant experience for anybody.

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Here at Local Buzz Marketing, we have put a list together of mistakes you definitely need to avoid if you’re designing your own website. Alternatively, you could save yourself the hassle and contact us, where our award winning web design team will take care of things and won’t make any of the following mistakes:

Specific Web Browser

It’s not a good design or helpful for customers if you design your website around a specific web browser, however if you’re looking to drive customers away then this is perfect for you! But realistically no one wants to do that and if the site is designed for a specific web browser that the user isn’t using then they’re just going to exit your website straight away.

Cutting Edge Tech – Be Careful

It might look smart, but the chances are it’s going to take a very long time to load on a lot of computers and this could end up driving customers away rather than attracting them. Of course the technology is great, just use it in moderation.

Automatic Music

Music on a website is a very cool thing, but not when it starts automatically. The viewer on the site might not be in an appropriate place for the music to randomly start (like at work) or they might have their own music playing. Music and sounds that start automatically are just irritating.

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Just Image Websites

Unless your business is a photo gallery, it is not a good move to try and fill the website with only images and no content; it is not helpful for potential customers or anyone!

Hidden Navigation

Websites are most effective when they are easy to use, therefore don’t try and disguise your navigation as something else, put it in a place that is easy for users therefore they know where they want to go and how to get there.

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