Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Technology and social media platforms are constantly updating and adding new features which can potentially help progress your digital marketing strategies. It is very important you as a marketer have a consistently updated knowledge of these changes so you can update your marketing strategies to meet the new trends. Are you ready?

1) Customization

The customization of your content will definitely always have an impact on your audience; By having a unique customization, not only does it offer the company it’s own style, it is proven to be more effective to the audience’s memory, by remembering the company the eye-catching style comes from. In 2017, customization had been a successful and common marketing strategy in the Digital Marketing industry and seems to still be popular as we enter March. As a marketer, here at Buzz we like to provide our audience with new experiences, so our styles and finishing products are able to stand out more than other top companies. Furthermore, by analyzing popular content and trends based on the audience’s previous/current interests and inspirations, your company is able to create fascinating content that will be relevant to your audience.

If you haven’t already, 2018 should be the year you start developing your knowledge of your target audience’s interests and motivations, so you are able to expand your customization strategies and improve your marketing style.

2) Mobile Growth

Digital MarketingMobile phone usage is fastly growing to become the most popular method for all of our digital enquiries, especially for the younger generation. In fact, mobile has been proven to be the most preferred device to use over a PC. Furthermore, mobiles have been expanding their experiences for the users over the past few decades by allowing users to use the internet, online shop, use social media and have social interactions, and even download apps with different purposes (games, shopping, education, social etc.). There is also Mobile data, which allows you to do all of these things, but without an internet connection and on the go!

In 2018, as a business owner, you need to understand what audiences use what apps, so you are able to post the appropriate advertisements on to the relevant platforms. When you have that knowledge, you are able to provide your target audience with a quick and clear advertisement on their mobile devices.

3) Social Media

It is safe to say that social media has had a big influence on trends and presenting popular content over the past few years. The majority of trends were noticed through social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and many more. I mean, you remember the Ice Bucket challenge, right? It was posted on one of these social media pages and then eventually shared and enjoyed by millions across these platforms. That’s what you need to do in the digital marketing industry, as a marketer, create something entertaining or interesting, that will make a variety of audiences want to participate and share.

Like I said earlier, your company needs to have a unique design strategy to improve your marketing, and you also need a large knowledge of the trends in social media. With this in mind, you are able to promote your content appropriately and locate it in the relevant platforms and websites.

Digital marketing

4) Advertising Using Videos

In 2017, 90% of online content shared by users were videos, so it is clear that it will continue to rise in 2018. This is an understandable fact because videos are definitely more interesting and easy for the audience, as they only have to listen and watch, instead of read and understand. The videos allow the viewers to be more engaged and understand the moral of the video a lot more, causing it to be more effective. Your choice of style, story and colour of the video advertisement not only has an impact of the overall message of the content, it also has an impact of the company the video is being presented by; Furthermore, if your video is boring, dull and overall just not eye-catching, it shows the viewers you, as a digital marketing company, lacks the effort of creating an entertaining advertisement and can draw viewers to more standing out videos produced by bigger brands.

Additionally, videos have been proven to be a lot more interested and looked for on social media platforms; for instance, YouTube viewers watch 1 billion hours of videos each day and Facebook users watch 8 billion videos each day also. The numbers are crazy!

In 2018, there are a variety of platforms and websites where you can put these videos where they will be seen and appreciated. One of these places is YouTube, whether you are creating content or just requesting to put an ad in viewers will always see it. For example, during a video, your video advertisement can interrupt the video to play your advertisement, so the viewers are basically forced to watch it. It sounds desperate but it is definitely a method that impacts your company mostly in a positive way.

photography & videography - Digital Marketing

Photography & Videography – Digital Marketing Services from Buzz.

5) Snapchat

Snapchat is a very unique social media platform which is probably why it’s one of the most popular. As a user, you can interact with your friends and family by sending them a video or a photo, and you can also share your best moments of the day by putting them on your “story”. Since the Snapchat update that was released early 2018, the “stories” have expanded their audience choices so that companies can share progress or promotions on there if the audience is interested. However, the “stories” are automatically deleted 24 hours after posting them; This causes Snapchat users to go through their stories a few times daily, so they don’t miss out on their friends or any promotional “stories”. This helps a lot for the digital marketing companies because if you post a story or an advertisement onto Snapchat, users more or less have to look at the post and can potentially become interested. If interested, they can subscribe and receive more information in the future.

I personally believe this trend will become bigger in 2018 due to the increased number of users and new methods the Snapchat team keep adding to keep the app fresh.

Thank you for reading, I really hope the information was helpful. Good Luck.