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Here at Local Buzz Marketing we are award winning website designers, working away in our creative HQ in St. Neots, if you’re looking for designers to take your website to the next level, we are more than happy to help – just give us a buzz. For now though, we thought we would share our top 10 tips for web design.

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Design in shades of grey, then add colour

Designing a website in shades of grey before adding colour is a very wise thing to do, it allows you to design the whole site, put photographs in to the site and then match the colours with photographs in the site as well as your brand. This gives brand consistency and will leave you with a professional looking website as it will all match and you won’t find any random yellows or blues.

Add web fonts to your corporate style guide

If you haven’t looked in to this yet, Google Fonts is a great place to start. Find a font that you like and then define usage in your corporate style, using it on all your online marketing materials and corporate documents.

Ditch the slideshow – Web Design St Neots

When the homepage slideshow came in to fashion it was a great way of getting a lot of information on to your home page. However, a lot of people were not on the homepage for long enough to read all of the information as they had navigated to another page or clicked straight off due to being bombarded with information.

Slideshows can still have a great impact on the way your website looks, just don’t go over the top with the information you are giving.

Simple navigation

A simple display and navigation will stop visitors getting lost on your website, make it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Look to reduce the amount of drop down menus that you have as even the most skilled mouse users can struggle to navigate these.

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Remove sidebars

Over the past few years the popularity of sidebars has increased massively and has been ever present on website, especially on blogs. However the sidebar actually hinders the reader’s attention, allowing them to click off the page easily rather than maintaining their focus on the blog or article they are reading.

Colour from nature

If you’re struggling to find the right colour for your website or brand, nature is often the place to look. You can take photographs easily with your own camera or get someone else to do it for you and the photos will always match the colour of the website.

Step away from the computer – We Design St Neots

Come up with a plan that you have to write down to allow you to have a break from the computer. A written plan is great whilst working as it allows you to go and add more detail to it throughout and means you won’t go off task.

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We’ll come up with a plan specific to your brand – Local Buzz Marketing – Web Design St Neots

Increase your font size

Typography is incredible important when designing a website, text can often be hard to read on a computer screen so you have to make the important things stand out, drawing attention to them.

One way to do this is to use headings, put certain words in bold and even think about increasing the size of your normal font too.


Not every bit of space on the website needs to be filled; sometimes whitespace can look good and give the website a simple but effective look. Too many companies at the moment are trying to cram as much information as possible on to their website, this leaves the viewer feeling overwhelmed and they will end up leaving the site. Whitespace is much more important than you think.

Squint test

A quick and easy test to see what stands out on your website, step back from the computer and squint and see what stands out to you, most things will be blurry but large text and colour should be recognisable.

The squint test is a technique used by web designers to understand what a first time visitor may notice when scanning through the web page.

We hope you found our web design blog helpful. For more web design tips keep reading our weekly news!

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