The Launch of Things to do in Cambridge

You may have noticed the arrival of a new tab on our menu here at Local Buzz Marketing! We recently launched our sister company, ‘Things to do in Cambridge’. What is it I hear you ask, and why? ‘Things to do in Cambridge’ is a simple guide to, well, things to do in Cambridge!

Things to do in Cambridge

Why ‘Things to do in Cambridge’?

One afternoon during the Summer this year I began discussing the idea of potentially building the new website. Within hours I decided ‘Things to do in Cambridge’ would be a handy website for people, something different and fun to work on, so our team set about building it.

things to do in cambridge

We soon discovered, Cambridge is a wonderful place to write about, and photograph!

Bringing the idea to life

‘Things to do in Cambridge’ certainly required a lot of effort and a great deal of time to create! Our new recruit and Junior Copywriter, Ben Evans was tasked with creating a large part of the content. We wanted to create a very simple, what is it, where is it, what’s the cost, what are the contact details, feel to it. Ben got this spot on, and over time the whole project slowly came together. Well it’s actually still coming together, but it will always be a work in progress due to the vastness of it.

things to do in cambridge

Cambridge is never dull, making ‘Things to do in Cambridge’ a great project to work on.

Giving something back to the City we love

We are just over a month old and the website has already been an instant success. Our social media pages associated with the website have also been extremely popular! Within a very short space of time our Facebook page has collected over 2,800 Likes, a rate that has surprised us. If it continues on this form it will be at 15,000 in early 2016. Now I know most of you know us for online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, but we really had not found much time early on to dedicate to moving ‘Things to do in Cambridge’ up the Google rankings! However, due to the amount of visitors we are receiving, the website is already appearing in healthy positions for various keyword searches, which will only generate more visitors. We just hope people find our website useful and easy to use, that’s the only target we ever set ourselves. We love Cambridge, it’s been good to our business and so it’s good to give something back to the City.

How good is the website?

At this stage I would say it’s in the real early stages. Over time it could develop into something much greater. Right now it is very useful for anyone looking for things to do in Cambridge! It is easy to use, and it has great sections such as Punting, Museums & Colleges, Food & Drink, Days out with the kids, Hidden Secrets, Hotels, Shops and Markets, Going Beyond, and a really decent Blog! We recently released our very own ‘Tour of the Colleges and Museums’ Blog, which was very popular. The website is as I always say, ‘as good as you make it’. We spend a lot of time adding to it and we regularly venture into Cambridge to see what’s happening and what’s new. Over time, this could be a really popular Cambridgeshire Blog.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget our Winter Sale is now on!

Jon, LBM

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