The Latest Buzz: 28th August

Welcome to ‘The Latest Buzz’ where we share what we’ve been up to in the past week!

On reflection, August has been another solid month for Buzz. The bank holiday weekend was very much welcomed as a time to let our hair down. As the month draws to a close, we held our monthly Buzz operation meeting which proved to be another very successful day. Our Buzz team (minus Matt who is enjoying the sun in Mexico) got together to brainstorm how we can improve what we do.

Matt is enjoying the sun in Mexico!

Matt is enjoying the sun in Mexico!

We are very proud of how we’ve grown as a business, but we always want to make sure we are adapting and improving our brand. Buzz started as one person and has quickly developed into a bigger, creative team. We must be doing something right but, we never rest on our laurels. Our philosophy is to be different and our pursuit of originality is ongoing. We are always keeping our eyes peeled and our brains ticking for ways we can stand out, so let us introduce our new brochure.

Adam and Jon have created a cool brochure that impressively folds down into the size of your hand, which will then fit in your pocket. It’s perfect for keeping on you at all times, for any business or networking opportunity that may arise. We are looking to introduce this idea to lots of businesses in the area, to allow them to show their services and products in a new way.

Our new creative brochure!

Our new creative brochure

You will (hopefully) have noticed that we now have a much more active blog at Buzz. A blog is an important aspect for search engine optimisation (SEO). With an active blog you can increase your rank on Google, especially if you are producing quality content. This is because Google’s algorithms see that your website is being regularly updated and that it is beneficial to its customers. But a blog also allows you to voice your creative ideas and thoughts to clients old and new.

Also this week, Jon ran a very successful SEO training course with the London Damp Specialists, where amongst many other things, he was able to provide the London Damp Specialists with a fresh list of blog content ideas. We enjoy providing valuable SEO training to many different types of business.

We have also had a very productive meeting this week with our partner Star I.T. Jonny Wood and his team are helping us with a new server. Thanks Star IT for getting us organised and secure.

We are also very proud of the video we produced for Bright Advice which has been very popular. You can check it out here:

September is the month of the Dallaglio Charity Ball, meaning Jon and Andrew will very soon be cycling all the way from Geneva to Lyon for charity, which will really be an amazing feat to achieve. We’ll be encouraging them both next week by eating all of the snacks in the office. If you want to support the guys too, and learn more about the charity then read up about it on the Dallaglio RugbyWorks website.

Have a great weekend and catch you next time for the Latest Buzz!