The Importance Of High-Quality Imagery


Whether it is a social post, design for print or for your website, imagery is one of the most eye-catching features that can help to achieve results for your brand. Imagery and other visual content have been vital for businesses and it’s marketing strategies for as long as we can remember. It can boost brand visibility and intrigue your audience, capturing their attention. Therefore, do your research, and decide how you want to present your imagery and content on the internet.

In the meantime, however, have a look at why you should use imagery in your content and our suggestions of how.


Text isn’t appealing enough

It’s informative, for sure, but few readers want to read a giant block of text. As a matter of fact, the majority of people will probably click back from a page, just because of how unattractive it can look.

Think like a consumer; text isn’t as appealing as visual content. Images, however, break up the content, add value and prevents your audience significantly from getting bored.

Secret weapons for SEO

If you view our blogs regularly, you would know that we have mentioned that the majority of businesses rely on keywords and links to boost their SEO value, and whilst that is true, imagery is also an underestimated tool for SEO improvements. As well as imagery, visual content such as videos, animations and GIFs can potentially contribute to increasing the likelihood of brand exposure. It’s as simple as adding one into your text that makes all of the difference.

Furthermore, by naming your images in its detail section (wherever it is) using a keyword or two, you have already described your image to Google, who will then make it visible to users searching those keywords. The image itself will have an internal link to your article, like credit, therefore gaining you more brand awareness.

The same situation with meta description, by including angles, dimensions, author and/or the title of the article, you have given Google the right information to share out to its searchers. For more information on how SEO can impact a business, we have a huge 2019 SEO guide you can check out.


High quality, relevant images set the stage for discussion and debate. It allows the audience to already 1) know about the article’s topics and 2) understand and feel the atmosphere before reading. However, despite all of these points, the content is the storyteller and is the thing giving the image perspective and value. Once your content as a whole has value, it will get read and spread across your following.

Images don’t just tell a story, they support content and creates imagination.

Keeps your brand fresh

Like I said previously, whether it’s your social accounts, website or for an article, visual content will contribute to your audience’s impressions of your company/products. For example, if you own a business account on Facebook, the cover photo and profile picture will probably be the first thing a user will see when they first visit your page. Therefore, I would suggest;

  • Ensuring all of your photos are of the best quality and resolution as possible.
  • Frequently changing, if necessary, your cover photo (or featured images) to keep the audience engaged and refreshed.


So, you are probably thinking about how and where you can produce/retrieve these photos? Well, here are a few ways:

Hire a professional photographer

We will dive right into the deep end already – hiring a photographer can be pricey, however, it benefits your business dramatically. By including photography, taken by a trained eye, in your website and pages, your business will immediately look more professional than your competitors. Hiring a professional photographer will not only give you better quality images, but it will save you and your team’s time.


Have a photoshoot

However, if you have the experience, time and correct equipment, you can save money by simply doing the photography yourself. This allows you to produce photos you believe will look best for your website, instead of having to inform a photographer (who will probably have no expertise in yours) the vision you are aiming for.

Recycle imagery from old content

If you remember, check back to use high-quality imagery from previous content/campaigns. It does no harm to re-use them for updated posts. This will also allow users that have followed your business for a long time to recognise the photo and the intelligent way you have re-incorporated them into your content.


Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing photography that is copyright-free. The website owns over 5 billion photos that anyone can download and use in their content. Whether it’s a photo of flowers, storms, puppies or even libraries, there’s a photo on their for you, at a high quality and easy access.

Those are just a few ways and reasons why you should use imagery in your content.

Thank you for reading.