Social Media Marketing – Why it Matters

Social media is develop very quickly, with more and more people starting to use social media, it is becoming a must have for businesses around the world. We look in to how important it is and why it matters.

Social media helps you connect with your customers

Having a social media account can make you feel more trusted by your customers, they can keep up with what you are doing as a business. This also can help you out massively as you can use it as a free marketing technique to reach out to existing customers as well as new customers, for example, if you have a new product you are about to launch you can look to increase the demand of the product by tweeting about it before the launch.

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It can also allow you to improve your customer service as many customers go to twitter to ask questions about what they are buying, this is why it is important to keep up to date with your social media as an unanswered question can make you look unprofessional and like you just don’t care. You wouldn’t ignore a customer in real life so don’t do it online!

Social media can help you manage your reputation

Managing your reputation online is very important as everyone is able to access your profile, including competitors. It’s inevitable that at some point you will have a complaint about your business, it’s not the end of the world, it happens. If the complaint is on social media it is out there for the entire world to see, however, this does not have to be bad. If you are able to respond to the complaint and resolve the problem it gives you and your business a much better reputation and you come across as a business that cares. The customer is now likely to talk about how well you resolved the problem, rather than the complaint that they had in the first place.

social media marketing, social media marketing st neots

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Social media can help you with market research

As you are able to connect with everyone in just a matter of seconds, it can allow you to communicate with your target market very quickly to let you see what they want, You can also use social media to spy on others in your industry, allowing you to keep ahead of them.