Should I Be Using Social Media Marketing?

If you still haven’t made up your mind on whether you and your business should enter the world of social media, this might just persuade you to.

Better Customer Service

Twitter is often the place potential customers go to ask pre-sales questions or support related questions. If you give a good service and are quick to respond to any questions given to you via social media, you are going to keep the customers happy and this will improve your reputation for customer service, a goal for any business.

However, if you are not active on social media marketing and someone posts a question that you are not able to respond to, it is going to give you a bad name and therefore a bad reputation, which no one wants.

Brand Building

Social media marketing allows you to build your brand awareness; you are able to connect to local people and local businesses online. You are also able to show your personality and giving the brand or business a personality will help you stand out from competitors.


Social media marketing allows you to manage your reputation, a critical part of marketing online. When you receive a complaint or comment online, you are able to deal with it quickly and effectively, this instant response demonstrates a high level of customer service. The customer who had the complaint is now happy and everyone is able to see that you have dealt with the complaint effectively, once again enhancing your reputation.

Real Customer Insights

Social media allows you to look at what customers actually think about your product or service, if someone has a good experience they are likely to post about it online and if someone has a bad experience they are also likely to post online. This makes it quick and easy for businesses to get feedback without even having to ask for it.

Promoting Your Content

Social media will help you promote any new post on your blog or updates to your products, anything that you do as a business, you can promote it on social media increasing the amount of traffic you get to your website.

Website Traffic

As you are more active online and your posts are reaching more and more people, you are going to see an increase in traffic to your website, an essential part when looking for new customers. Once they have stumbled across your website it is then up to you to keep them there with an innovative web design.

If you feel like you need help with a brand new website to make sure you maximise the amount of new customers you can get from your site, visit our web design page. We are award winning web designers and would love to help you!