A Guide To Google Reviews

Local Buzz Marketing is an all encompassing marketing company that offers services in videography, graphic design, SEO, web design, creative content and much more. All of these services compliment, support and help us to execute our creative marketing ideas. We have ongoing marketing campaigns in place for all of our clients. Marketing campaigns are important for brand awareness and delivering new business but, it is essential for our clients to deliver the highest service possible, ultimately gaining the best reviews online, which in turn generates more business. This blog discusses the importance of Google Reviews (and reviews in general), where you can earn them as well as things you should be warned about. After all, Google Reviews is a relied-on feature and checking on your business could be one of the first steps a customer takes with you.

Google My Business has a special feature that allows users to publicly post a review on an organisation. These reviews are based on the performance, product or service and their overall experience with you – so, positive or negative, a review can dramatically impact your business and marketing strategies.

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Why are reviews so important?

There are many reasons why reviews are so important. An obvious reason would be that a positive review can help you gain more traffic, impacting your ranking significantly. Also, they make good content for your website or social media platforms. Regardless if a consumer is looking for you directly or for the services you provide, the probability of users always trusting a previous customer’s word over your content is most likely. 

On the other hand, a negative review can make potential customers turn heads and choose not to work with you. It sounds harsh but it’s vital you remember that customers stick together – so regardless if your SEO ranking is exactly where you want it or you just printed out some cool new posters, even one bad review can significantly affect stats.

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Particularly, users tend to rely on Google Reviews when researching for recommendations and feedback. Found on the popular search engine itself, Google has this feature that presents snippets of reviews based on businesses. Consisting of a 5-star rating and verbal feedback, consumers can simply type the business into the search bar and Google will provide them with a number of reviews found from the web.

For example, at Local Buzz Marketing, we specialise in services such as social media marketing and SEO, therefore, we understand the impact reviews can have on all elements of marketing. Type your company name into the Google search bar and take a look at some of your reviews!

Our final point for this section involves SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of improving the quantity and quality of your website’s traffic, awareness, and most importantly, your rankings. Believe it or not, but Google Reviews can help impact your ranking significantly – as well as personal impressions from a user, Google considers positive reviews to be rank-boosting worthy.

Reviews are one of the best types of enquiry – it can make you, as a business owner, feel proud and honoured that someone is putting your name out there. Genuinely, it shows your product and services are at such a suitable standard that people are remembering you and telling others to consider what you provide.

Fake & Exploited Reviewing

Whilst Google Reviews are made to benefit both business and customer, it has come to our attention lately that users can take the opportunity to falsely exploit organisations, severely affecting business. Moreover, Google Reviews are used for three reasons – to build a positive first impression, to influence your position in the search results and, from a customer’s perspective, to get an idea of other people’s experiences with you. Focusing on the last reason, this also gives users the ability to create fake reviews for whatever reason.

Fortunately, there are ways you can deal with these reviews. Whether they are fake or not, a negative review can leave a terrible mark on your reputation, both on and offline – so it is important you deal with it.

Our ‘Step 1’ would be to respond to the review. Just simply getting rid of it without no response whatsoever is actually considered worse than leaving the review on the system (and can also cause them to come back and write more reviews). By keeping it professional and understanding, replying with your standard protocol e.g. apologising and asking them to personally message you for more detail, it shows you are owning up to and dealing with the matter.

IF the reviewer responds back in forgiving terms or deletes the review, the situation is solved. However, if nothing changes, consider contacting Google using the live chat feature. Explain the situation and follow their instructions, then hopefully after a few days, the review will be taken down. Doing something is better than nothing, right? We can’t always get it right, and any business can receive negative feedback. If your business does make errors then hopefully you do your best to correct them. Your reviews should reflect how you behave as a business. 

How To Earn Yourself Some Good Reviews

For starters, make sure you are providing your customers with top quality products and services, a website, and most importantly – great customer service. Your offerings could be amazing, but nothing will be brought from your organisation if you give it a disrespectful reputation – treat your customers with respect, a smile and a great amount of knowledge to impress and convince them to make a transaction. By doing this, a customer may feel naturally encouraged to write one, where they will tell the truth and hopefully give a good recommendation.

Another simple way of earning reviews is simply asking a customer to. Now, we don’t mean this as a marketing strategy, where you create posts for social media or spam the words ‘Review Us On Google’ all over your website. However, after a customer has perhaps made a purchase, completed a service with you or created any other type of relationship/transaction with your organisation, there is no harm in asking them directly for their impressions of your business and if they minded leaving a review!

Other than that, just make it easy to leave reviews, offer great chances and reminders to and genuinely provide them with a top quality service, making them want to.

Thanks for reading.