SEO and Behavioural Economics

Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful strategy. Organisations implement SEO strategies to improve the quantity and quality of their business’ online presence and traffic analysis. It is made up of several elements, including linking, keywords, imagery and titles, and everyone’s individual strategy is uniquely designed to improve their business and target their specific demographics. SEO helps to put you in stronger positions on search engines such as Google. Once you’re there your online visitors will increase but, what next? Understanding more about Behavioural Economics could be the key to success.

SEO’s Superpowers and the need for Behavioural Economics.

Despite SEO’s superpowers it is pretty futile without one key factor. We are talking about Behavioural Economics. Not many SEO’s are talking about this but it is essential to every marketing campaign. 

At Local Buzz Marketing, we specialise in a whole host of digital marketing activities designed to send more traffic to specific client landing pages. But what happens when all that new traffic lands at your website? What gives you confidence that your conversion rate will be high? Is your marketing strategy simply chancing this? Are you using proven data? Does your marketing team have the experience required to deliver a high enough conversion rate? We’ve been working in this industry for sometime now and we understand that SEO or Google Adwords alone is just not enough. Behavioural economics is most definitely overlooked and without taking it into consideration, ultimately, it’s leading to a lot of disappointed and myth’d clients locked into SEO contracts.

Behavioural Economics – What makes people purchase the things they do?

In layman’s terms – If you’re going to spend a lot of money increasing the amount of visitors to your website, you may as well take the time to understand as much as possible about your potential audience, and what makes them ‘tick’! What makes people buy variety pack flavoured yoghurts when they actually only really like one flavour? It’s a very good question, as we soon discovered ourselves at Buzz. We are continually taking the time to understand this and so many other factors. We spent the last year with a leading Behavioural Economist, and since meeting Mark Pittaccio of, Your Behavioural Economist we are understanding more about our own services than ever before.

Some of our latest marketing material driving ‘design for print’ business from social media.

What is Behavioural Economics?

Behavioural Economics is the study of the psychological, emotional, cultural and social factors and their effects on the economic decisions of individuals. The analysis inspects how classic human behaviour can explain and create this economical decision-making – and this can apply to anything in your daily life.

More specifically, in regards to Search Engine Optimisation, you could say that it was considered because of this theoretical principle. Furthermore, consumers don’t always make irrational and crazy decisions when it comes to purchasing products or researching a service. Their decisions are usually determined by a combination of personal, motivational and environmental factors. For instance, a customer isn’t exactly going to purchase your product or service out of unnecessary satisfaction – there will always be a reason for their purchase. Behavioural economics studies the various potential reasons and helps us make sense of their actions, along with the consequences.

More Behavioural Economics studying ahead for Buzz.

There will always be more to learn and throughout 2019 we will continue to study this fascinating subject. Later this year we plan to release a series of short films explaining more about Behavioural Economics. We are scheduled to film these with Mark Pittaccio in the coming weeks.

Buzz will soon start shooting a series of films with Mark Pittaccio.

Thanks for reading!