Networking on the move – A unique idea or not?

Rarely these days do I seem to find enough spare time for business networking, and yet this is something I value as a small business owner. Currently I am training for a charity cycle ride from Geneva to Lyon which is taking up some of that crucial spare time. While I was on my latest ride, which is an interesting route near to my home, I was considering the idea of networking and cycling together, perhaps in a more suitable area for plenty of business owners. I wonder if this is a good idea, or in fact if it is already taking place somewhere? With safety in mind of course, perhaps the networking part takes place during breaks.

Jon’s cycle route

Cycling seems more popular now than ever before, and networking is also crucial to many businesses. So how about cycling and networking all in one, bad idea, good idea? Is it already happening somewhere? If anyone can recommend a cycling network club, please do let us know.

Also, can anyone let us know what their most popular networking groups are in Cambridgeshire and Maidstone? Please email any ideas to

Many thanks.