Latest Buzz News : It’s November!?

How has this year gone so quick? What an amazing Summer it was for us – the hot sun, World Cup and a major record-breaking few months for us at Buzz! In August, we had a record month and then topped it in September, but as we reached October we really hit the ground running and broke all records at Buzz. Our hard work, long hours, creativity and drive really is paying off.

Good news breeds as we have been flooded with a variety of new enquiries regarding Graphic Design, SEO, Social Media and Videography; thanks to our clients (past, present and future) we are a very busy studio!

Big month on Videography…

This month we have been keeping busy by filming and editing a number of videos for both the Giggs Group and Bright Advice. Our aim is to eventually implement Videography into our regular services, offering great quality videos using our own footage and equipment. Contact us today if you have any enquiries about our video services.

Latest Buzz News

Buzz Videoing Matt Giggs For Property Video –

Our other services…

Graphic Design

For one of our award-winning clients, Ingenious Beauty, we have introduced a new brochure concept set to be released in 2019. Discovering new concepts for our services allows both us and our clients to stand out from our competitors because we are offering unique perception.

Web Design

The web design studio is as always a hive of activity! Currently, we have 8 new designs on the go. The pursuit of originality is in full swing as always.


This month we have helped Giggs & Bell manage their Halloween competition, which gained a lot of engagement and gave 2 happy children their very own Halloween hampers… how cute! Additionally, we are now planning a few Christmas competitions for some of our clients as, if done correctly, the company can receive a huge amount of interaction and reach out, as well as rewarding their audience with a lovely prize.

We have some new clients!

Every month new clients join Buzz and we introduce those new clients to the team, where we will adapt to new strategies (and industries) and work out a suitable method to improve their overall marketing using our services. This month, we are proud to welcome Abbey Logistics, Admiral Homespace and Lifetime Solicitors in Stamford.

Something new for 2019…

We are super excited to announce the production of our brand new magazine, ‘What’s The Buzz?’! Releasing next year (March-April time), our new magazine will be printed and delivered to over 15,000 homes in and around St Ives and St Neots region. Here are some of the features you can expect to see when it launches:

  • Music gigs in Cambridgeshire.
  • Food venues to try around Cambridgeshire.
  • Kid’s corner.
  • Quizzes and other entertainment.
  • Interviews.
  • Buzz’s Latest News.
  • Advice on a variety of subjects.
  • Holidays, and days out with Omega Tour
  • Things to do, places to go in Cambridgeshire.

…And so much more! We are almost too excited for this to launch!

Latest Buzz News

What’s The Buzz? Cover Shot visual ideas at early concept stage.


This month the Buzz team have been spending time coming up with unique ways we can improve client’s (and our own) SEO in a much easier and effective method than our current one(s). As any SEO will know, an algorithm or Google update can have a big impact on any current processes. As a result, it’s imperative to continually learn. We ran a successful SEO course at Buzz studios, educating, up-skilling and improving.

In December 2018, we will be releasing our very own ‘Guide to SEO 2019’, just like the ones we have published in previous years, the guide is useful for all businesses we connect with throughout Cambridgeshire. This year’s guide will be, created by our our whole team, and will include a whole host of really useful informative and advice for small businesses looking to improve their SEO.

It’s booked!

The Buzz team are very excited to say we have booked the Christmas party! Returning to the Lakeside Lodge in Pidley for a meal and some entertainment!

Plans for 2019…

Local Buzz Marketing will be releasing a library of free images that anyone can download and use, for free! Taken by the Buzz team ourselves, we want to be a reliable source for not just digital marketing services, but lots of other things too. So we have begun with imagery.

See you in the Christmas edition, enjoy your month!