The Importance of Blogging and Content Creation

Regardless if you are a small business or a well-known company, blogging is a vital attribute to your online marketing strategy, and if you haven’t already implemented it into your regular routine, now is the time. Furthermore, useful content that is allocated in both the right place and the right time can impact your company dramatically – here are five reasons why.


1) Drives traffic to your site

With content creation, it is the perfect opportunity to produce something not only useful and entertaining for your audience but connect with them as well. Additionally, once you have published the content you can share it on your business’ social media pages, using a link and an encouraging caption, where your audience can be directed straight to your website using the article as an updated source. By regularly posting your blog on social media, users will hopefully adapt to the consistent content update, and come back for more. As a result of this, give your followers a reason to regularly visit your site – evolve it into a consistent routine so your target audience eventually believes that visiting your website is a necessity.

2) It is an exceptional SEO boost

SEO is the optimisation of your digital business so the search engine spiders not only find your site but rank the page relevance so it appears on the appropriate results page of a search engine. Also known as Search Engine Optimisation, SEO doesn’t really rely on content creation immensely, however, there are some ways your blog can contribute to your ranking on Google. For instance, when you create blog posts consistently, you are constantly providing search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. refreshing content to index. Also, before you publish the blog including a title, meta description and URL with relevant keywords will impact your SEO nicely. There are many ways you can implement content creation into your SEO strategy, but first, you need a blog.

3) You can build customer relationships

Customer engagement is so important to your digital marketing strategy, and creating your own blog is a great start to engaging with your audience. Furthermore, by producing advising and strong content, you can build trust with your target audience – after all, if you show you have good knowledge on your services using your blog, it may increase conversion rates and click-throughs. At the end of the day, users want advice and news, and presenting them with just that can will provide them with good customer service, building customer relationships.

4) It’s an easy method

Compared to traditional digital marketing and advertising, content creation is easily inexpensive to operate. Producing a blog every couple of days, using the right research, software and imagery etc. are easily adaptable and beneficial, especially as these blogs are located indefinitely on your website, so users can visit at any time and continue the engagement.

5) There are so many ideas for it!

And last, but certainly not least, with blogs not only is it easy (and all of the reasons above), but there are so many useful ideas you can use to engage with your audience constantly without them getting bored. If you didn’t already know, blogging isn’t always paragraphs of advice, at all – there can be videos and imagery, infographics, news articles, and even series (i.e. Latest Buzz News blogs) that you can generate onto your website.

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Thank you for reading.