How Buzz Can Help You With Pay Per Click Advertising

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click (PPC), also known as Google Adwords, is a fairly simple but very powerful advertising technique that is used by both small and large businesses. So what actually is it? Simply explained, pay per click allows businesses and individuals to buy keywords on Google. When someone searches a keyword that you have paid for, your advert will be on the front page of Google increasing the traffic to your website.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Businesses and individuals who are wanting their website to be found on Google will have an auction on certain keywords that they want their website to be associated with. The more money that you are prepared to bid gives you a higher chance of of being the first in the sponsored results.

pay per click advertising

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For example, a small coffee shop in Cambridge might bid for ‘independent coffee shops in Cambridge’ meaning that when a potential customer searches that on Google, the advert the coffee shop has paid for will appear on the first page, near the top of the results page. This means that the potential customers are more likely to click on the ad due to it being higher on the listings than it would have been without using pay per click.

Why Use PPC?

When used correctly, pay per click can increase the amount of traffic that you are getting on to your website, even with a small marketing budget. However if used incorrectly PPC can end up costing you a lot of money, which is where we come in.

pay per click advertising

Our pay per click advertising team will help you to win new business.

Local Buzz Marketing can give you fantastic results with Pay Per Click advertising without swallowing up your entire marketing budget as a business. Here at Buzz, we understand that not every business is going to have a huge amount of money to just throw at advertising and thats why we will work with you to try and get the most effective results at a budget that suits you!