Buzz’s SEO Guide for 2017

Back in March 2016, we gave you a rundown of what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is and how to get the best out of it. We gave you a number of tips and hopefully you were able to implement some of them and as a result, you and your business have moved up the rankings. If you didn’t read that article, it is definitely worth a read, especially if you’re still trying to get your head around SEO.

Here at Buzz, we’ve decided to put together a quick and easy guide for improving your SEO results. Here are our top tips for SEO in 2017.

Make Sure Your Site Is Responsive

Last year, Google rewarded websites that were highly responsive. Having a highly responsive website means no matter what device your site is viewed on (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer etc) it is still going to be easy to navigate around and it will provide the user with a pleasant experience.

This year is no different, more and more people are using their phones and therefore Google is still rewarding sites that look great and are easy to use on all devices, but especially on mobiles.

The majority of the population who are on the move use mobile devices for all of their internet purposes. Mobiles are even slowly being used instead of laptops at home. How many of you quickly turn on your laptop to Google something during the adverts on the TV? Probably not many of you.

Having a mobile friendly site is definitely going to help you move up the rankings, we recommend making sure your website is responsive for all screen sizes instead of having a special website for mobiles.

Planning for the future

Making your site looks great for mobiles is going to help you with search engines, but what is going to be the next big thing in terms of technology and surfing the net? Whilst no one can answer that question, here at Buzz we’ve looked into our crystal ball. We’re predicting big things for voice search.

Some of you might already be familiar with the likes of Siri, Cortana and Alexa. For those of you who don’t recognise those three names, they are intelligent assistants that live in certain devices, Siri for Apple, Cortana for Android and Alexa for Amazon. You can tell any of these intelligent assistants to search for the nearest supermarket, petrol station, restaurant etc. Whilst this technology is very impressive, not many people are using it to its full capacity but what about in the next couple of years? We think it could take off.

This means the time has come to considering including a recording button on your website to entertain voice commands, this way people can talk to your site and whilst it might sound far-fetched at the moment, in a few years it could be massive, why not get ahead of the game?

Site Speed

Site speed has always been an important factor when it comes to SEO. No one wants to wait around for a site to load, people will just lose patience and leave the site before it even loads.

Try and cut down the amount of information you have on your pages, not only will this improve the loading speed of the site but it will also make the site much more appealing to the customer.

Running a speed test on your site is easy and there are many tools online to help you improve the speed of your site. Here at Buzz, we like to use PageSpeed Insights by Google.

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High-quality content

Content has always been the best way to ensure you move up the rankings. Impress your customers by posting content that they are going to want to read and that they care about. When it comes to online content it is all about the quality, while the quantity is important, a great blog once a month is better than an okay blog once a week. Try and get a perfect balance.

Make sure your content is easy to read, include lots of nice big headings and subheadings that breaks up large chunks of text, not only will this encourage the customer to read more but it is also great for search engines.

Social Media Presence

Being on social media can generate interest in your business, if more people are visiting your website via social media and spending a good amount of time on your website, this is going to help with your SEO.

These days more and more people are signing up to social media, the majority of us have probably signed up to a range of social media sites. Your audience is constantly growing. The more people that interact with your post, the better!

Careful Link Building

I’m sure you’re aware that simply buying hundreds of links to backtrack to your website is a trick that no longer works, search engines caught up with that a long time ago.

But there is still a place for quality backlinks. Backlinks are any inbound links or incoming links which are received by a website from a different website. This can be done by posting your content or blogs onto blogging sites and leaving a link to your site.

Without backlinks, your SEO won’t be successful this is because search engines often check the number of backlinks of a website so it can determine the websites SERP Ranking, Popularity, Value and Importance on the web.

Backlinks can be confusing, if you need any help with backlinks, please get in touch with us today and we’d be more than happy to help you out.


Highlight a number of keywords that you feel your customers would search for. For example, if you were a builder in London, you might want to target a keyword that was ‘Builders in London’. You get the gist.

Once you’ve highlighted a number of keywords, try and include your keywords in your content, this will help your SEO. But beware, don’t cram in as many keywords as you can, for example:

Keyword cramming isn’t good. Keyword cramming makes text hard to read and keyword cramming isn’t liked by the search engines, this means keyword cramming is actually bad for SEO. Why is keyword cramming bad for SEO? Because search engines can see straight through keyword cramming.

More is less when it comes to keywords, you need to find the right balance between getting the keyword in the content while still making the content enjoyable for the reader. The content must be enjoyable otherwise the reader simply won’t be interested.

Secure your site

This might not be relevant for you or your business as you only really need to ‘secure’ your sight if you are making online transactions. Having said that, even if you don’t do online transactions, securing your site will still help your SEO.

Changing your site from http to https will secure the connect with the user and protect their details. if any online transactions do happen, they will remain safe through https only.

To secure your website you need an SSL Certificate, for more information on this simply Google SSL Certificate.

Google is King

But don’t forget the rest of the family, the internet doesn’t revolve around Google. Whilst the majority of people do use Google to find what they are looking for, you would be foolish to ignore Bing and Yahoo.

All the tips we have given you in this article will help you optimise your site for all of the search engines. But if you are looking to do further research into SEO, make sure you’re not looking into just Google Optimisation as this is a trap a lot of people will fall into. SEO is for every search engine, Google Optimisation is just for Google.

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We hope you have found this article helpful. We are currently offering free search engine and website health check reports, so if you’re curious to how you’re business is performing on search engines, visit our health check page and fill in your details.