Graphic Design Trends For 2019

We know what you are going to say… Deja vu, right?

Back in Spring 2018, we created an article on the Graphic Design Trends of 2018, hoping to help you identify the “Yes, No and WOW” responses to your own pieces of design – and as we reach the end of a short, creative year we want to continue to help you by giving you an insight into what 2019 is going to bring!

It can be a challenging task for experts to come up with a unique design that 1) is different to previous work and “outside of the box” and 2) will exceed the expectations of a client. Here at Local Buzz Marketing, we offer excellent Graphic Design services that are beyond the minds of creativity on a bigger level.

Here are our 8 graphic design trends to look out for in 2019 that will certainly create the “WOW” factor everyone is aiming for:

1) Unique, Interactive Layouts

As graphic designers ourselves, the Buzz team are excited for what 2019 has to offer. Be prepared to witness interactive, unusual and patterned layouts for all things from websites to flyers! So, if you think your website (or any other graphic design) needs sprucing up, be sure to take into consideration your layout, and what you could do to make it look better.

Basic website layouts are so 10 years ago, it’s time to include animations, graphics and other different motions that will stand make you stand out from your competitors. There are thousands of different ways you can include some sort of interaction into your web design, and expect 2019 to be filled with them.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design – Layout

2) Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS Design Principle)

You have probably heard of this quote being thrown around the digital marketing world, but don’t expect it to disappear in 2019. Despite the other points in this article, it is important that you stick to the status quo sometimes, keep it simple and don’t spam your website with vibrancy and too much animation – the sight of it can make some audiences bounce back onto the search engine forever! Sure, add in those spectacular features – we aren’t saying create a Word document of a website! Just don’t push the limit, keep it simple, stupid!

3) Metals

Dominate your graphic design in 2019 with some epic metallic features. Regardless if you include it in your logo, layout or any other features, technology is so advanced these days that almost anything is possible, so if you want your logo or layout etc. to be metallic, you sure can! Additionally, throughout this next year, expect to see a rising attendance of metallics throughout graphic design, as they add depth, strength and power to designs.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design – Metals

4) Take a Trip To Dreamland With Vivid Colours

Expect to see a continued use of dreamy colour combinations and vivid transitions in 2019 graphic design. Every year these types of trend blogs will mention colour in here at some point, but we want to explain why 2018 will be the potentially the last year of mentioning primary and secondary colours. Throughout this next year, look out for the rising use of tertiary and quaternary colours i.e. brighter, more creative and unique colour tones. These colours bring a more futuristic vibe to the artwork, making the company looking overall more modern and entertaining.

5) Go in Deep with 3D…

Technology has become so awesomely advanced that us graphic designers can dive in deep. This technological world has evolved so we can create these 3D designs onto a 2D screen! This year, expect a continued and persistent amount of 3D layouts and designs found all around the web. It’s exciting to see this sort of artwork come into play on the internet world, and we are buzzing to see what will happen in the next year.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design – 3D

6) Typography

In graphic design, typography is a very important factor to the artwork, especially when advertising. The wording you choose needs to be easily visible for your audience to see, read and understand. Therefore, in 2019 we will probably see a lot of “maxi” typography i.e. large sized wording and bold fonts. You can even use 2019 design trends we have already mentioned in this article such as the 3D or metallic effect for extra strength. Typography is SO important, so make your wording stand out with an epic font and size!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design – Typography

7) Hand Drawn

This is a guaranteed element that will make you stand out from your competitors. Creating something hand-drawn then sticking it onto a computer screen (not literally) is an incredibly unique design. For example, on our website, you will notice we have a few little-handwritten messages of our own:

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We have added this to add strength to our own knowledge. These visuals allow our audience to recognise that we know what we are talking about, and the hand-written keeps it creative and professional for us.

8) Futuristic Elements

2019 is the future. Include it in your design. Simple.

Boring can’t possibly be possible with graphic design hovering all over the shop. In 2018 there has been some epic work that has completely knocked 2017 designs off of the radar, but we want to see more. The vibrant colours, the big writing, fun fonts, quirky imagery and animation, metallic and 3D effects… the lot! Use your graphic design skills to the max and create something futuristic to keep yourself updated with the world wide web.

At Local Buzz Marketing, we offer excellent Graphic Design services from a team of dedicated, creative individuals. You can check out our latest creativity portfolio on our homepage! Thanks for reading, good luck.