4 Powerful Places To Blog For Backlinking

SEO backlinking is the process of linking your webpage to any other page on the internet. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but doing it correctly can improve organic ranking, earn referral traffic and better brand awareness.

Before we discuss five of the most powerful places to blog for SEO back-linking, let’s understand some of the ways to get quality backlinks for your blog. For one thing, the phrase “quality over quantity” stands with the backlinking process – you could have ten backlinks located on ten different web pages, but none would matter if the quality isn’t up to a good standard. Furthermore, some of the ways you can generate good quality backlinks are by blogging, such as:

      • Guest blogging.
      • Start relevant threads in forums and link your blog posts.
      • Ask questions related your blog in answer sites (such as Yahoo Answers etc.) and then link your blog in the questions, or when you respond/answer them also.
      • Exchange links with other bloggers – whether it’s a local friend or a blogger in your niche, it benefits you both.
      • Post your blogs on social networking sites.
      • Submit your blog to document sharing sites (convert to PDF first, though).
      • Review, or get in contact with top companies and they may link back to you.
      • Interview top influencers, bloggers (or anyone for that matter) and ask them to share on the web with a link.


Let’s get down to business!

1) Tumblr

Tumblr is an excellent blogging platform just like WordPress, where you can create and publish blogs about anything you desire. On a blogging platform such as Tumblr, the choice of your hyperlink attribute is entirely up to you (as the owner), whether it is a no-follow link, do-follow link or a mix.

Essentially, by creating and posting a Tumblr blog, with an additional link to your target domain featured, you can earn tons of engagement on your social media networks and website – when and if the readers find your Tumblr blog interesting, it will potentially drive them to your website and other networks to find out more about you, your content and overall company.

Another thing you can do on Tumblr is engaged with other people’s posts. Furthermore, anything anyone posts to Tumblr that are categorised as one of the interests you mentioned when creating the account will show on the Dashboard. By entering the Dashboard, you can view and engage in some posts, such as like it, and that will include a link to your profile. This would create engagement and drive traffic towards you – so, ensure your profile looks professional and includes relevant and persuasive information about your company.


2) Blogger

Blogger is a fun and easy way to create content. On this network you have the capability to produce content on any topic, using templates all with flexible, unique layouts and hundreds of different background images to include, free blogspot.com domains and even potentially earn a profit from it. In addition to this, Blogger is also a perfect source for SEO backlinking – by guest blogging, commenting on relevant, similar blogs and creating alluring content all whilst linking to your target domain you can earn great engagement and improve the ranking of your site.


3) Squarespace

Squarespace is not only SEO-friendly with things such as site maps, tagging and redirects, but is also another powerful tool for backlinking. Blogs that feature detailed, informative posts on topics that are relevant to your company and interests your audience will tend to perform well in the search results (if optimised properly). However, it will behave dramatically better and quicker if there are a number of external links pointing to them.

Squarespace is a little different from these other four sources because they offer their expertise in website design and other marketing tools as well as a blog platform. Here you can choose your template and create content (including links) in a presentable, smart way. Including background images and videos and hundreds of different backgrounds, you can link relevant keywords and URL’s into your blog to drive them to your site.


4) Weebly

Weebly allows you to turn your idea into a website using high-quality website, blog and SEO features. Express your ambition and ideas passionately using professional themes and presentation. After you have published your blog using your very own style, you can begin to optimise your content using backlinking, and Weebly is a great place to do so! Weebly helps you find the right people to link to you, reach out to current relationships and create partnerships with other relevant Weebly users. This reach out allows you to come into contact, view each other’s work and potentially help each other out by linking one another’s blog. Also, pay attention to any unlinked mentions, so sites and blogs that mentioned your business but not linked to you – a great way to win an easy link!


Thanks for reading, good luck!