The Buzz Around Fantasy Football – An Office Essential?

The phenomenon of Fantasy Football cannot be ignored, you either play it yourself, or you hear non-stop your family and friends playing it. There really is no in-between. With over 8 million fantasy football players in the U.K. alone, it is currently a conversation happening in your workplace.

So, what is fantasy football? To describe the game briefly: you select an initial 15-man squad from a budget of ‘100m’ of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three strikers. ‘Points’ are scored when players achieve clean sheets, assists or goals and each week you choose your all-important ‘captain’. Where your captain’s score is doubled. Each week you are also given a ‘free transfer’ which can be used to change your team. More changes can be made but at the cost of 4 points. ‘Wildcards’ and ‘chip’ tokens can also be used strategically throughout the year to maximise your point hauls.

Here at Buzz, we believe all companies should embrace the Fantasy Football phenomenon and encourage employees to create a team and join an office league. Fantasy football is free and can be for anyone, as after all, nobody knows for sure who will perform well each week! It can also add a very healthy competitive edge to your workplace, in fact, fantasy football has been found to boost morale in the workplace and even increase productivity levels!

Fantasy Football

Over 8 million people in the U.K play fantasy football.

Boosting Morale

Quoted from the Manchester Evening News, Peninsula, the HR and employment law specialist, found that 62% of employees felt their morale boosted at work from being involved in an office fantasy football league. Showing the benefit of having a workplace where your interests and hobbies are heard.


Being a part of an office’s fantasy football league can connect your employees. It can provide daily conversation, office banter and allow employees to realise common interests.

Increasing productivity

Fantasy Football is huge right now, and we can guarantee you that your workers are talking about it. Stop this from becoming a distraction by allocating time to it, encourage your workers to discuss it in their lunch breaks or after work, where they are all conveniently in one place!

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Being part of a fantasy football league can connect your employees.

Buzz Tips

1. Have a prize incentive for the winner(s) of your league

Incentives work. Keep the enthusiasm going all season with an incentive for those who finish the highest in the league. This could be anything from a small trophy to a free dinner out for your employees.

2. Allow everybody time together to make a team

Keep things fair, and your employees happy, by allocating time after work one day for your employees to build their teams together. Note that The Official Fantasy Premier League website will make you start with zero points if you join a league late, so make sure people join the league when it starts!

3. Do not leave people out

Encourage ALL employees to get involved and DO NOT think that only the males will be interested in participating. Alternatively, if some workers just aren’t interested, which will be the case, offer an alternative social activity that they can enjoy themselves. Encouraging your workers to discuss their interests and hobbies can really make them feel more comfortable in your office.

4. Have a competitive, but professional league

A light-hearted office league can really bring excitement to the office and bring people together. Just set a few rules, like ‘no offensive team names’ to ensure that the game is always fun, and that competition doesn’t go too far!

We hope you enjoy your Fantasy Football office league, and from all of us at Local Buzz Marketing… BEST OF LUCK


Check your team each week! It really doesn’t have to be hours of analysing players and watching hours of football matches. You can climb up your league from simply staying on top of your team: remove injured players and swap that crucial captain chip!