Could AI Change The Future Of Digital Marketing?

It’s 2019, and the world has never been more intelligent with technology. Over the last few years, we have seen the development of self-driving cars, chatbots, and clever advertising that shows your recent history and preferences. Also known as Artificial Intelligence, these were all designed to increase the understanding of a user’s thoughts and preferences to deliver efficient customer experiences.

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Artificial intelligence is not only affecting businesses, but it is increasingly changing the face of digital marketing, and you should know why.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Put simply, artificial intelligence is extremely clever machinery. AI was designed for greater work efficiency and to improve UX. By having the ability to think, respond and perform like a human being, it has advanced businesses to provide their consumers with an easier and more interesting experience.

With it’s potential, it’s safe to say AI is revolutionising businesses from all industries. Devices with artificial intelligence are built in with smart, useful algorithms including GPS and voice assistance. These algorithms are exactly what makes the technology intelligent – it increases precision, work efficiency and has better analytical abilities.

Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

1. Product Recommendations

Have you ever gone onto a website you have made previous history with and found a “Recommended For You” section? This is a common example of artificial intelligence. Huge and successful companies including Netflix and Spotify have used the combination of their product offerings and your recent searches/purchases to create a personalised product or content recommendation section created specifically for you. This way, customers are immediately welcomed with a variety of your products/contents/services that might catch their eye.

2. Search Engines

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Search Engines – Digital Marketing Agency Cambridgeshire

Search engines function using its machine learning-based algorithm – it helps users answer questions and find the perfect website/page that they are looking for. The artificial intelligence built into Search Engines has impacted the way that we search drastically, enabling internet users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. It has also developed into a competitive method for businesses looking to improve their online presence – also known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Using its smart algorithm, search engines can determine the links between products, suggest similar items, find relevant search results in correspondence to your queries and auto-correct mistakes – helping users find exactly what they’re looking for in just a few seconds!

3. Product Categorisation/Filtering

When shopping online for things like clothing, the majority of websites have a search bar or a ‘Filter’ option which can be particularly useful when looking for a specific outfit. To compare, the search bar uses machine learning which can make the process of tagging and categorising products more efficient. So, by typing in “belt” or “trainer” etc. AI will be able to reveal all of the products within those categories.

On the other hand, the ‘Filter’ icons are a lot more in-depth than a search bar. Rather than typing in the words for the machine to process, there is (usually) a sidebar that contains the different categories to choose from. For example, on most clothing websites, the filters include:

  • Category.
  • Colour.
  • Size.
  • Price range.
  • Occasion.

Once you have selected the relevant tags, the machine will collect all of the items using that analysis to provide the most suitable products for you. This again proves how AI can be incredibly convenient to online consumers and improve UX.

4. Chatbots

My final example is a piece of technology that has risen to marketing stardom dramatically over the past few years – Chatbots is software found on websites, that can provide conversational assistance and voice experiences to the consumer. This is possible using a live chat interface, enabling the bot to analyse the message and create a relevant reply, just like a human brain would!

Chatbots is a type of artificial intelligence that involves a lot more interaction with the customer. Because it is a conversation, the interface needs to quickly produce a reliable reply to the consumer in order to be of successful assistance.

How is AI Changing in The Future?

Using the examples above, in the last few years AI has formed into a smart, useful machine that has developed conversational, lifestyle and human-like qualities to help improve a consumer’s experience. Due to its success, it doesn’t look like the buzz around AI will settle down anytime soon.

Today, you can notice AI technology almost anywhere – on your phones, computer and other machines and devices. With its rapid developments, there is a potential chance that it will begin taking over human employees in the future. From telemarketers, receptionists and cashiers, work could become a big struggle for some if machinery starts taking over.

Not only jobs, but AI could potentially shift how we commute, organise, clean and play in the future, too! With self-driving cars, voice assistance and cleaning machinery already on the market, who knows what could be revealed next?

Digital Marketing Agency Cambridgeshire

The Future of Artificial Intelligence? – Digital Marketing Agency Cambridgeshire

Artificial Intelligence + Digital Marketing = ?

Despite this, what’s most important to us is how it can affect Digital Marketing. Sure, maybe one day it will take over and remove our company from existence! Realistically, however, the recent breakthroughs in AI have opened a limitless amount of opportunities for businesses and marketing teams. This is because it can help businesses understand their audience a lot more – communicating and locating their highest/lowest demanded products, as well as the brand’s strengths and weaknesses digitally.

AI drastically improves problem-solving and customer experience – which is also two big elements we as a Digital Marketing Agency based in Cambridgeshire focus a lot on! Therefore, could AI and Digital Marketing work together? Just like SEO and Content Creation: they are both completely different things yet they essentially need each other to be powerful. Let’s use buying clothes online as an example – digital marketing methods are used to encourage users to buy it, then the AI technology will be used to improve the UX. As a result of this, they can survive without each other fine, but they both provide a mutual boost.

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