A Crash Course In Social Media Marketing

Social media, the ever-changing landscape that we consume day-in-day-out. But are you using it to your advantage for your business? You may have a Facebook page, a Twitter account… good. But are you maximising customer engagement?

We are a generous bunch at Buzz, so we have created a Social Media CRASH course, where we discuss how to be:

  • Conversational
  • Relevant
  • Active
  • Strategic
  • and how to jump on those all important Hashtags!

Of course, we cannot cover all of our best marketing tips in just one blog post, so be sure to check back to our blog for more posts in the near future. For now, here are 5 tips to be great on social media!

Have a Conversational Tone

The brands doing the best on social media are the ones who have a conversational tone. People will interact and engage with your brand much more if you come across as … well …  a human. Being approachable on social media will allow customers to feel they can message you, which in turn, can lead to enquiries, emails and phone calls.

Stay Relevant

Post content relevant to what is happening in the world. Twitter is great for hearing other people’s opinions on topics. For example, people are searching the latest breaking news and what is going on in the world of sport. So you need to be posting about this! Join the conversation and allow your brand to be seen where people are looking. Every year sees a Facebook craze, like the ‘Ice Bucket’ and ‘Mannequin’ challenges, so be on the ball to post your own versions to come across as a fun brand people want to work with.

Be Active

You must stay active on social media by regularly posting, commenting and replying to interactions. Nowadays, it is very rare to find someone who does not visit a social media platform at least once a day. This is why it is so important to have social media channels for your business and to get your social media marketing right. Your future clients are on social media. So give them a chance to find you.

Have a Strategy

Marketing your brand on social media doesn’t need to take hours of your week. Instead, devise a strategy and work smartly. Firstly, you need to select the social media channels most relevant to your business. Next, you need to have a strategy to maximise customer engagement, which may include how often you post in a day, posting at peak times, and thinking of quality content to post. Content really is everything, and if you are lost for ideas: simply have a think about your own behaviour. What do you engage with? What are your favourite brands doing? What are your competitors doing?  

Jump on Hashtags

Hashtagging! A word we hadn’t heard of just a few years ago… hashtags can be fun and they can also be a very useful tool. Hashtags allow you to filter content, searching the hashtag ‘travel’ would show all posts relevant to travel. Create your own hashtag, which can simply be your brand name, so that people can search for your content directly. It is a great strategy to jump on the hashtags of the worldwide trends. Again, this can increase the exposure of your brand as you are putting yourself where people are looking.

Here are some brands who produce brilliant social media content. Take a look and get inspired!


Tesco are great at producing relevant content, they regularly post short videos and jump on recent hashtags.


KitKat created a very original tweet in regards to the recent news that Big Ben will go silent whilst it is under repair.


ASOS are one of the best brands at engaging with customers on social media. They always reply to their customers in chatty and witty ways, meaning their customers enjoy tagging them in posts and messaging them directly!

ASOS are brilliant at engaging with their customers on social media.