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Designing a Content Marketing Strategy – St Ives SEO Agency

Content marketing can be one of the biggest misconceptions in this industry is businesses believe that once they begin regularly publishing blogs, their traffic levels will go through the roof – which certainly isn’t the case.

An efficient content marketing strategy in place will ensure you reach your goals. You can successfully grow your own traffic, boost conversions, raise brand awareness, improve SEO rankings and also provide your audience with a consistent source of information. In order to achieve this, we first need to cover the considerable factors when creating a content marketing strategy…

Step 1: Consider Your Goals

A great starting point for any marketing plan is to put in place what the plan is actually for. Consider the purpose of your content marketing plan, including the short and long term goals, so you stay on track with what’s important.

In terms of content creation, it’s vital you contemplate your choice in the target audience, platforms, CMS (content management systems), topics and the beneficiaries. What are you trying to impact?

  • The amount of organic traffic visiting your site.
  • The rankings of your keywords.
  • Reduced marketing costs.
  • Social media engagement

Once you know which direction you want to head in, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Know Your Audience

Whilst target audiences are the specific group of people you are looking provide your services to, it’s so important you are aware of the general demographic of people that are genuinely following you, communicating with you, engaging with you and even purchasing from you. Ideally, these should be your target audience.

Separating the target audience from the real audience shouldn’t be too difficult, in fact, they should really be the same as one another, or similar. In orders to maintain a successful content marketing strategy, you’ll need to be clear about who your audience is so you can create the right content to reach them.

Start off by using your business’ insights (Google Analytics, Facebook insights, RankTrackr, Hootsuite Analytics etc.) to collect demographics on your real website visitors, subscribers and social media followers. This will give you an accurate analysis of who you should be targeting. To learn more about your audience, you can also get customer feedback using Google reviews and social media. Earning customer feedback is the best way to find out how they feel about the content you’re currently producing and any recommendations of any future topics you can talk about.

You know what they say – happy customer, happy business.

Step 3: Best Content Channels

Realistically, only you as the business owner will fully understand your organisation. You need to consider why you decided to build your brand, offer out your products and services and grow economically. These answers will lead you to your target audience, and as I said in step 2, it’s so important you are aware of your general demographic of people that are engaging with you. 

After you’ve discovered your target audience, you have completed the first step in working out what channels and tools are going to be the most effective. Just like you discovered what social media channels work best, focus on what’s working and where your audience can be found, and start there. Whether it’s guest blogging, a new blogging website, blogging on your social media channels, advertising your blogs on social media channels, or just blogging on your website, there are many ways you can create, publish and distribute your content – but the ones that work are most important!

Have a look on Google Analytics and social media insights, this FREE data will help you evidently and accurately find the right topics to write about, the main social networks where your content is being shared and where your audience is mostly finding you. With this information, you can develop your content marketing into an organised strategy of WHAT you will talk about, WHERE you will talk about it, WHERE you will advertise it, and WHO you will be talking to.

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Use Analytics To Find Your Best Channels – St Ives SEO Agency

Step 4: What Are You Going To Talk About?

You could have the perfect channel and have a huge following, but if your content is neither informative, useful or interesting, that success will slowly deteriorate. Thinking about what you are going to talk about and the title of your posts will help you stay engaged with your audience because you will be writing about what they want to read about.

In addition to this, if you’re looking to wow your audience, experiment with some different media types, too! Consider some videos, photography, infographics and general interaction that will impress and entertain your audience.

As a St Ives SEO Agency, we have Search Engine Optimisation on our mind regularly when creating content. Consider your targeting keywords and see if you can match your audience’s interests with your SEO requirements to further branch your content marketing strategy into your SEO work, too!

Step 5: Create Your Content

So, you’ve worked out your goals, audience, channels and topics – now you need to begin creating the content you’ve been planning for. Keeping your prep work in mind at all times, you should have a secure content creation strategy in place. For example:

  1. Research your topic – get as much information as you can from other blogs and websites (but never copy!)
  2. Draft your blog using a tool like Pages or Word, so you can just focus on the content easily.
  3. Upload your content to the appropriate CMS (content management system), uploading images and links where appropriate.
  4. Consider your SEO ranking factors where necessary for optimisation.
  5. Publish!

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