Catch Up With The Latest Buzz News!

What a month it has been.. and to think there are only just over 3 months of 2018 left! Let’s get right to the latest buzz news.

We’ve got some new clients…

Over the past month, we have developed and began work for our new clients – DRA Fabb, Wessex LMC, Cambridge Fireworks, Lifetime Solicitors, Omega Tour, Commerical Cleaners 4U, North Fen Solar Energy, and Forengergy and Laser S.O.S. Global Group. All working in different industry’s, we are very excited for all of these challenges to come. We also have two new big St Ives businesses about to come on board. We will welcome them in the next buzz news.

New Graphic Design work

We are very pleased to announce that we have been creating products such as roller banners, folders, logos, banners, and even animations for our clients. The Team at Local Buzz Marketing enjoy all of the graphic design challenges we receive from all clients – the creativity and outcome of the products, that we are responsible for, is worth all of the smiles in the end.

We Celebrated…

On the 31st August, we celebrated Neil’s 48th birthday! Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the office so we all decided to celebrate for him… via Pizza Hut! We weren’t complaining.

I Passed My Exam!

I am proud to announce that I passed my DMK2 Exam on the 17th August at College. The exam was based on SEO, PPC, business and marketing strategies, copywriting and social media. I was nervous before the exam started but incredibly ecstatic with the outcome. Bring on the next exam – which is all about Google Analytics.

Our Bank Holiday shenanigans

For the August bank holiday, we were all very busy doing our own thing – I was spending my weekend at the Reading Festival, Ben went to the pub (as usual), Neil cooked pizzas in the garden with his children and Jon went on a large bike ride in preparation for the Intrinsic Ride 2018 he is taking part in September, cycling an extraordinary 270km distance from Girona to Barcelona! This 3-day adventure is a big challenge, and we wish him all of the best.

Jon would be incredibly grateful if you could please donate generously to his £3,000 target – it’s all for a great cause to really impact to younger people’s lives. His story and just giving page is linked here: 

It’s kicked off…

As the football season begins, we have gone into competitive mode and logged into our Fantasy Football League. For those who are not familiar with this, the Buzz team and I have created our very own league, known as ‘Buzzers’ and the aim is to create your own team, using professional football players, and your points are determined on how well your chosen players perform in real-life games. For instance, scoring a goal will gain you points but conceding a goal will lose you points etc. At the moment, Joe is winning with a total of 271 points, and I am losing with only 145 points. Tune in next month for an update on the results.

That’s all we have for this month’s Latest Buzz News, we will continue to thank our clients and supporters for all of the news you provide us each month – the hard work is worth all of it!

Thank you for reading! Megan.