Life at Buzz: The Buzz Bank Holiday Weekend

The buzz team share what they got up to this Bank Holiday weekend. Our intern Joe went to Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival

The Buzz team have decided to share their highlights of the Bank Holiday weekend, to give an insight into what we like to get up to.


Ben stayed up for the Mayweather-McGregor fight and retained top spot in our Buzz fantasy football league going into the international break. Ben got an impressive score of 64 to take the lead.

Andrew S

Andrew had two (nearly 3!) BBQs over the weekend, and a ‘few’ ciders, as he enjoyed the hot weather.


Jon ‘loved’ spending his Friday at a local beer festival, before heading to Norfolk for a weekend with his family.


Tilly said she had an exciting weekend, with a highlight watching one of her favourite films Mrs Doubtfire!


Joe was in London visiting his girlfriend, where he saw the ‘amazing’ Notting Hill Carnival.


Matt is on holiday this week in Mexico… and we are not jealous one bit. Naturally.

Andrew P

Andrew has been cycling all weekend in preparation for the charity ride for Dallaglio RugbyWorks.


Lira was her usual busy self, going for lots of walks in the sunshine!

As I think you will agree, it’s been a great week for the Buzz team. And, during all of this, we found the time to get together and launch a new website for Redbrick Print. We hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend as much as we did!