The Biggest Marketing Moments in the Last 10 Years

Since Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in 2007, technology has unravelled and developed to change society massively. Over the last 10 years or so, some of the technology breakthroughs has impacted marketing incredibly and continues too to this day.

Here are only a few of the biggest marketing moments that have changed the marketing game over the last 10 years or so:

Marketing Moments

Marketing Moments

2007 – John Lewis Christmas Adverts

Since their first in 2007, the John Lewis Christmas adverts have been iconic advertising in the marketing game. Using the power of storytelling, a new advertisement is released annually, a couple of weeks before the Christmas season, to get customers excited and appreciate the things they have. Arguably, the most memorable advert was ‘The Bear and The Hare’ launched in 2013, which taught you less about gifts, but more about appreciation and family. Over time, John Lewis had received huge support from social media and Spotify, encouraged to create more beautiful and emotional adverts ready for every Christmas. These adverts were definitely beneficial to the business, drawing in a large number of happy customers for their seasonal collections.

2007 – Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery

To this day, Amazon is relied on by millions of users per day as they provide various products available all under one website. It mostly all started in 2007, when they launched next day delivery into the system, allowing Prime subscribers to own an annual membership to receive their products the day after purchase. Furthermore, this caused Amazon to become a more reliable company as they upped their customer experience – providing their customers with a valid reason to come back and make another purchase, its genius!

2008 – Barrack Obama’s 2008 Election Campaign

Interesting fact – A lot of Obama’s campaign success actually came from social media marketing! With a YouTube channel that received over 20 million views and a Facebook page with 2.5 million likes (McCain’s only having 625,000), he was the first president (and possibly politician) to win an election using social media as their campaign strategy. Furthermore, since social media is about communication and building relationships, Obama was intelligent enough to use it to encourage votes and get his message across. To say it was a huge success would be an understatement.

It’s now 2018 and with Donald Trump as the current President of the USA, Trump is now well-known on social media for owning an active Twitter account he accesses from the White House, tweeting out his thoughts and opinions to his almost 55 million followers.

2013 – The ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign

In 2013, Coca-Cola released millions of coke bottles with popular names printed on labels. Remember this? Well, this may have brought some fun and discovery into your shop, but it actually turned out to be an incredibly successful marketing strategy for the company. The interaction gained 998 million impressions on Twitter (including 235,000 tweets using the #ShareACoke hashtag) and over 150 million named bottles sold, giving the brand much more awareness and business.

Over time more names were added, including phrases such as ‘bro’ and ‘crush’. In 2017 holiday destinations were added with an epic chance to win a holiday to the location printed on the bottle. With Coca-Cola continuing the hype 5 years later, who knows what will happen next?

Marketing Moments

Marketing Moments

2015 – Face Filters on Snapchat

In 2015, Snapchat redesigned the level of interaction on a mobile phone. Using face recognition and image processing technology, users have the ability to apply an interacting filter to their face, whether it’s to turn them into an animal, a funny face or an object etc. Snapchat is a platform that mainly attracts the younger generation, so the interacting face lenses are easily suitable to their target audience.

Over time, games and other unique lenses have been added to the platform, giving users the chance to play drawing games and word searches etc. with their friends!

2016 – Pokemon Go!

You don’t have to be a gamer to know about this – it was a huge breakthrough in the gaming industry, interpreting augmented-reality onto mobile devices. Furthermore, using geo-positioning, it encourages users to physically walk around and catch virtual pokemon to add to their collection. This app was incredibly unique and was downloaded by those who adored and even who wasn’t a fan of pokemon, all because of its awesome new abilities. This affected marketing because other companies attempted hard to mimic the success, implementing their own brand into virtual-reality to earn awareness like Pokemon Go! received.

Marketing Moments

Marketing Moments

2017 – ‘Smile to Pay’ Technology

In August 2017, China redefined “Happy Meals” as they introduced new technology in one of their KFC stores. Using facial recognition, this new system uses a 3D camera (installed in the self-serve machines) to scan the customer’s face and pay via their smile. However, as cool as this sounds, they also need to insert their phone number because it’s in-progress technology, and it will also prevent fraud. It’s super intelligent machinery and if it is a huge success, it will eventually be developed in other countries as well.

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