The Launch of Buzz New York

It’s been a fairly hectic year at Local Buzz Marketing so far. Where do we even start! In the past couple of months alone we’ve worked on some very exciting projects. Whether it’s been graphic design, web design, web development, photography, videography, social media campaigns, Google campaigns or content marketing for a press release, we have been working around the clock for long term clients and lots of new businesses. There’s also been something else long in the planning that we’ve been preparing and working hard to bring to life which is, Local Buzz Marketing New York, and, we are now open for business!

web design new york

The stunning New York skyline. A picture taken from our visit last year.

Creating a New York Buzz

We’ve been working closely on projects with our Google Partner in New York for the past two years. This move not only creates a great opportunity for us to offer New York something different, it also gives us something unique and original to offer clients here in the UK. That’s what it’s really all about, bringing together talented people to create a stronger Buzz team. We now have web designers and Google specialists on both sides of the Atlantic, working together, which gives us a team that thinks differently and an opportunity to offer our clients even more originality with each project.

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A small bite of the Big Apple

We’ll be offering web design, SEO and Google Adwords services to start with. Our new office is in Northern Blvd, Unit B/13 Long Island City, New York 11001. We’ve put together a top class web design, SEO and Adwords team in New York. We’ll continue to work closely with Google to bring our clients the best advice possible with all aspects of being a digital business.

Local Buzz Marketing delighted after two year plan comes together to launch in New York.

BlueBean & We Run Your Social Media

While we are celebrating good news you may also have noticed we recently released news that we acquired two local companies. BlueBean is a Grand Brand Web Design Agency based in St Ives. This move helps to give us more opportunities in Cambridgeshire. We also purchased which is a St Ives Social Media company. We are currently designing new websites and will re-launch soon.

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