Buzz over the years

The story so far

Local Buzz Marketing, established in 2010 in Euston, London, has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. In 2012, Jonathan Orchard acquired the business and relocated it to Cambridgeshire. Initially, the company concentrated on assisting local businesses in enhancing their search engine rankings. By 2014, Local Buzz Marketing had evolved into a limited company.

Launching our own magazine

The company experienced rapid growth as it attracted new clients eager to showcase their businesses online. In 2015, under the Buzz umbrella, Jonathan launched the widely popular blog, ‘Things to do in Cambridge,’ which garnered a monthly readership of over 25,000 people. The following year, Local Buzz Marketing ventured into the world of print by introducing its own magazine, ‘What’s the Buzz?’ Currently, the magazine prints 4,500 copies per month and is available in prominent retail chains like Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Dobbies, and numerous local shops in Cambridgeshire. ‘What’s the Buzz?’ offers readers a wealth of monthly content, including home and garden features, historical insights, music and television highlights, recipes, puzzles, and engaging interviews. The team has recently had the privilege of interviewing esteemed figures such as golfing legend Tony Jacklin CBE and rugby icon Lawrence Dallaglio OBE.

Winning bigger things

In 2020, Buzz achieved a significant milestone by securing one of the largest financial services marketing contracts in the UK, with Lifetime Connect. The following year, Buzz expanded its horizons further by securing a substantial UK-wide contract with wedding venues under the UNV brand. In 2023, the company marked another milestone with the opening of its inaugural London office, located in the vibrant Soho district. Throughout its journey, Buzz Marketing has demonstrated exceptional adaptability and expansion, broadening its range of services while steadfastly aiding businesses in their quest for success. In an era where standing out is paramount, the growing team at Buzz Studios remains dedicated to helping businesses elevate their brand.

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