8 Reasons You Should Be Including Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy

Social Media is a worldwide selection of website and applications that allow users to post images and statuses, and communicate with one another on a technological device. There are a number of different platforms you can create an account on and share content to, but overall they are a great opportunity to build new relationships, broadcast news and events.

In terms of marketing, Social Media can be an incredibly useful tool to reach a wider audience and raise brand awareness. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we want to offer you the best advice possible to ensure your marketing strategies are up to speed and ready for 2019. That is why we have collected 8 reasons why Social Media should be included in your marketing strategy. Are you ready?

1. It’s Like a Second Website

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can essentially act as a second website to your business or organisation. Sure, it is probably more suitable to refer it as an extra backlink, however, your following are able to learn about your business’ recent events, announcements and can be a point of contact for them. Any information that would go on your website can be essentially simplified and posted to your platforms – For example, if you publish a blog to your website that can easily be added to your social media to drive organic traffic to your site. Use it as a second website and publish the same or additional live content!

2. You Can Reach More Targeted Audiences

Social Media

Reach More Targeted Audiences – Social Media

As more people tend to use social media more regularly than general websites, it gives you a big opportunity to reach wider audiences, or even more specific audiences. For instance, when posting to Facebook, you can target more specific audiences in terms of age and location etc. to earn better engagement.

3. Raise Brand Awareness

The number one thing Social Media does for businesses is raise brand awareness. Brand awareness is significant to any organisation looking to spread the word about their product or service, and due to the popular and reliable impact social media has on regular users these days, using the right platforms daily can successfully do so. On most social media channels, users have options to like, comment and share posts. Therefore, when your content is liked, commented on and shared it is also essentially broadcasting your posts to a wider audience, as it will pop up on mutual friend’s newsfeeds.

4. Cost Effective

Social Media

Cost Effective – Social Media

As a marketing strategy, social media is probably one of the most inexpensive, cost-effective strategies out there. Not only does account creation cost nothing, but even when you do decide to use paid advertising on social media, it can vary in efficient costing dramatically.

5. Socialising Opportunity

Unlike on your website or during enquiries, social media is the perfect chance to socialise. Whether it is with customers, competitors or other hardworking, connecting businesses, your business can engage with other people or organisations in a whole new method! Of course, we don’t mean you should start messaging random strangers or previous clients asking about their day. However, due to the youth and structure of the social media platforms, business accounts can really build a fun side to their personality using the content they post. For example, if a clothing brand was having a huge sale, as well as posting it to their website, they have the ability to post it to their social media using some human slang, such as “No way! We are having a huge sale with up to 70% off of everything in store and online! Hurry before it ends…” etc. Use it to engage naturally, like a human would, to build trustworthy and memorable relationships.

6. Healthier Customer Relationships

Social Media

Healthier Customer Relationships – Social Media

Following on from the previous point, social media allows your company to build a personality, specifically, a more social one. Furthermore, whilst posting advertising content about the products and services you offer, you can create a modern, human attitude that will allow your following to see the company more of a friend than a website. This can seriously produce healthier customer-to-business relationships – where they can regularly visit your profile to ask questions, find out about deals, events and competitions etc. This can progress to creating loyal relationships, where customers will continue to regularly purchase your product and service rather than try somewhere else.

7. More Advertising Opportunities

As there are a large number of platforms you can sign up and commit to, this just gives your business and marketing team the opportunity to advertise more and spread the word about your products and services. Obviously, the more platforms you are on, the more people that will come to your site and use your services, right? Wrong. Despite the fact that, realistically, you will reach a wider audience using multiple platforms, it will never be as effective or will drive as much traffic as only using the right ones. By “the right ones” we mean the websites where your target audience hang out and engage in the most. Once you have found those right platforms, you can advertise and sell your company to your customers successfully.

8. Helps You Understand Each Other

Social Media

Understand – Social Media

Finally, as well as the loyalty and awareness you can build, the methods of communicating through social media allow you to understand your customers and your customers to understand your business. If committed to efficiently, posting to regularly and treated respectfully, you can successfully achieve a lot with social media marketing, including the mutual understanding between customer and business, which is definitely overlooked and unrecognised.

So there were 8 reasons why you should be including social media in your marketing strategy, we hope it helped you understand the potential of social media marketing and how it can affect your organisation as well as your following. For any enquiries about social media, contact us today!

Thank you for reading.

By Megan Spavins.