5 Ways to Heat Up your Digital Marketing this Summer!

As the weather gets warmer, the leaves get greener and the days get longer, you know Summer has arrived; and as those seasons change so does the social media and digital marketing atmosphere. It is important you have adapted to your customer’s summer habits. Here in this article are 5 useful ways that will help heat up your marketing skills in your business:

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1) Get Involved

Let’s start with the real basics. Don’t be afraid to get out there and support other companies with any upcoming events they are involved in. Firstly, it’s great to give back and support your local community and secondly, you are immediately networking and meeting new people. Reach out, you’ll be surprised who you might meet and it’s nice to be helpful isn’t it?

If you are launching a new business this Summer and going live with a new website and social media platforms, they will require work and effort to get them out there. To get noticed without a big marketing budget you have got to get involved, network and reach out as much as possible. Find out what is going on in your local area. What networking groups are there? Think more about a marketing plan that’s fit for digital too, not just a digital marking plan. All of our best digital achievements began offline (close computer lid, step outside).

Don’t just assume social and web will solve everything, they rarely do. Try and focus offline, then go back to online, and keep a rhythm. Take social offline (where it used to belong) and then go back online to share with your audience who you have met. The online world is no different to the offline; you have got to reach out and network. Just because you can reach everyone in a heartbeat with digital, not everyone is interested. Try not to sell, be informative and helpful. Repeatedly telling people via your digital channels that you are the best does not work. Be smarter than that. Better still, think of it another way, if you were in a room with 20 other people you wouldn’t constantly tell them how great you are would you? So why do it on social? Listening is the real key, just as it always has been.

2) Mobile-friendly

As it gets warmer, customers are going to be outside a lot more than they are in, meaning they are highly more likely to use their mobile phones than their laptops. Therefore, you need to make sure your content and links that are posted on your social media platforms are mobile friendly. By “mobile friendly”, we mean easily accessible on a mobile device. Without this type of content on your web pages, you are unable to provide your customers with an efficient, accessible experience which can affect your customer rate significantly.

In addition to this, another way of making your work accessible on mobile devices is to create an app. There are a lot of brands that have become more popular than others just because they have their own app – in fact,  summer 2017 was the year online shopping became the dominant trend. Understandably, online marketing provides customers with an easy shopping experience without having to leave their home. As a business, you should consider finding out your target audience’s relevant interests and interpret them into your own app.

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3) Games

Summer is the season to embrace our inner child. Therefore, you should start releasing some entertaining minigames on your social media platforms, if you haven’t already. This gives your customers a message that you are a fun and engaging business, which can be a massive advantage on your companies behalf. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not – all you need to do is create exciting content, matching your summer theme, that makes your following want to get involved in your social media. For instance:

  • Questions – it can just be as a simple as a colourful background, with a question (based on summer) on the screen. Although, if you do really want to be eye-catching, add some motion, a GIF, or even some more summery presentation.
  • Caption contest – post some visual content based on the company, the latest gossip or products and ask your audience to comment their best caption.
  • Word Search or Crossword – engage your following with some traditional games that involve words based on your company, staff or products. This also allows your audience to find out more about the business using a fun game.
  • Word scramble – take this opportunity to let your following find out about a deal or a new release of a product with a classic word scrabble.

4) Use Social Media “stories”

Lately, you see “stories” being introduced to a number of social media platforms. If you didn’t know, Snapchat, launched in 2011, introduced a new method of sharing using “stories”; You can post a temporary photo or a video of your memories of that day to show your friends that will vanish after 24 hours of posting. However, Facebook and Instagram launched their own versions of stories in 2016. These temporary stories cause users to use Snapchat regularly in the day so they don’t miss any of their friend’s stories. Additionally, this is a huge advantage for marketers because they are able to post their advertisements and news on their stories and gain regular viewers so the interested customers don’t miss out. If you would like to find out more about the impacts of Snapchat, click here to view our blog.

In regards to improving social media for summer, Snapchat contains a “Discover” region where companies can post a story of an advertisement of any events that are happening (festivals, fundraisers etc.) that can be viewed without having to be Snapchat “friends” with the audience. For example, if a music festival was taking place, and the companies ambassadors started an event story, Snapchat users that are there can add their own content on the festival’s Snapchat story so that users that aren’t there can have a digital perspective of the activities and atmosphere going down at that particular location. If they watch the story and are interested, new supporters can research, become involved for the next festival and even recommend the festival to their friends and family.

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5) Competitions

I think it’s safe to say Summer is festival season; hundreds of events and festivals are visited and enjoyed each year by millions of people. From charity fundraisers to music festivals, these events are a great opportunity to boost your social media for Summer. Have you got any VIP tickets you can offer? or a Discount code? Any prize can generate buzz on your social media platforms whether it’s an increase in likes, comments or following.

Although Summer is known for its massive festivals, your prize doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be based on these events – You can give away a holiday, or some of your products, host a massive giveaway etc. The prizes are limitless, you just need to know what will interest your audience the most and what they will be willing to do for it. From entrance ideas ranging from videos to just comments, there are many ideas that will guarantee your following to want to participate.

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All these methods will give you a good boost because it shows your willingness to get involved and be known as a hard-working good vibe company.

You know that saying, you could take the hottest day of the year, and a large magnifying glass but, unless you hold the magnifying glass in the right place for long enough, you’ll never create enough heat to start the fire. You will need resilience! Keep going, keep networking and show people your personality.