25 Content Ideas That Will Make Your Blog POP!

As we mentioned in our latest article, blogging is a vital and necessary attribute that should be included in your digital marketing strategy. This is because it raises brand awareness, build customer-to-business relationships and drives traffic to your website. However, as simple as content creation is, you also need to make sure that as a business you are maintaining a constant message throughout and experimenting with different formats, media and structures.

Are you struggling to find interesting blog ideas? Well, we got you covered, here are 25 content ideas that everyone can try!

1) Interviews

Know any famous or inspirational people? Anyone who has a great story whether it’s about their life, to do with your company or industry, or genuinely with some sort of message could be great content. So, start off by interviewing them, gathering any quotes or relevant information for your blog. You can then implement the answers in your article, including any speech marks where necessary.

2) Infographics

Infographics are creative and fun features that help the audience visualize complicated data or boring words. It helps provide the audience with a message using colours, fonts and imagery. These days, infographics are widely popular, so it would be a great idea to include it on your site! Additionally, when producing these be sure to create something that stands out from the crowd to ensure a high level of engagement.blog

3) Giveaways

Giveaways are always fun to any audience – the buzz you get off of winning something for free is enough to make anyone enter. These campaigns are easy and incredibly interacting, so give the audience the opportunity to win something whilst you reach new audiences simultaneously.

4) Lists

Creating a top 5, 1o or even 100 can be useful content for your audience. People these days are lazy and don’t want to waste time on researching information, so by providing your audience with a list full of useful tips and advice on great topics, you can really gain some next-level engagement within the business.

As an example, check out one of our latest blogs, ‘5 Things Your Logo Says About You’.


5) To-do lists

Similar to the last point, lists are helpful and factual, but when you are building a ‘to-do’ list i.e your itinerary for the day (or maybe week), you are then giving people, regardless if they are inspired by your work and the industry or not, the opportunity to learn from you. Overall, by doing this, your customers can read a natural article talking about a persons job and their advice, rather than the constant company and industry topics.

6) Guests posts

Despite the fact that you are reading this article full of blog ideas, if you are seriously struggling for topics or time to create them, it’s always a cool gesture to ask your audience for some help. For instance, you can ask for ideas on social media on what they wanna see next, or even ask people to write guest posts. It sounds unprofessional, but whilst you are updating your content, you are also building up the author’s name or brand.

7) Artwork

Whether it’s a portfolio or any completed work you are proud of, publishing it online is not only great advertising for your company but can be the beginning of something new for your work.

8) Polls

Polls aren’t really ideal as an article itself, however, they are simple, fun and highly interactive. Here you can either find out your audience’s opinion on a particular topic or do it just for the engagement. They generate thoughts and debate, so start a poll to get a quick overview.

9) History

Talking about the history of something shows you are knowledgeable and useful, you can even mention important dates in this content. Educate your audience on the history of topics like your company, industry or even the town/city you are located in.

10) Experiences

Tell your audience about you and your teams latest experiences, both personal and business related. For instance, you can talk about what projects you have been up to lately, or what you did at the weekend. Giving your blog a natural conversation gives your brand a much more human perspective to the target audience, which can impact conversion rates and impressions dramatically.

11) Advice

Whether it’s on your ‘saving money’ schemes or marketing strategies, it’s always a lovely gesture to tell your audience some of your top tactics and tips to gain more followers and customer relationships.

12) Industry

Producing well-written work about your company, services or any topic in your industry will gain attention and drive traffic straight to your site. With the right SEO and research, you can publish useful, professional pieces of content to your site.

As an example, check out one of our industry blogs ‘The Importance Of High-Quality Imagery’.


13) “About Me”

What I mean by “About Me” is a couple of lines that introduce yourself; this usually only applies the beginning of someone’s first article, however, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create one of these classics but in a larger format. Now, you don’t necessarily have to talk about you, you can talk about the company or the industry you work for. People like to know what, or who, they are listening to and taking advice from.

14) Popular posts

If you own any social media business account, which I really hope you do, you should identify the topics of some of your most popular posts. The ones you identify can then be future blog ideas if you haven’t already used them. After all, you already know that your target audience is interested in those topics after the amount of engagement they gained on social media. Definitely worth a look.

15) Build Your Portfolio

Similar to point 7, showcasing your previous work gives your target market an idea of you and your teams potential as a service. It also shows how proud you are of yourself and the work you have produced. This doesn’t just mean artwork and photography, this applies to any sort of product or service that you offer – just work out how you can embed it into something professional and influencing.

16) Pros & Cons

There are always cons to something, so this content idea can be applied to any topic of your choice. Whether it’s about your industry or something going on in the news, discussing your opinion both positively and negatively towards a specific topic can draw attention from the audience and potentially turn heads. If you can somehow implement a low key “plug”, offering your products and services to prevent these cons perhaps, this content idea might be more useful than we thought.

As an example, read one of our ‘Pros & Cons’ blogs, The Do’s & Don’t Of Owning a Business Instagram Account.

17) Future

Showcasing your aims, objectives and goals for the future of you, your business or maybe even your industry just shows basic organisation – it supports the idea that you know what you are doing and that you truly are experts. Not only this but by publishing it to your website you show no fear to your competitors, which can sometimes be even more convincing to your target market. Lastly, it helps you establish your goals yourself, keeping you and your team consistently on the same page.

18) Abandon

This isn’t a content idea exactly, but it is an idea. If you begin to notice your content isn’t getting as many impressions as quickly as you used to, it may be a good idea to take a break. This meaning, don’t blog for a week or so, take the time to complete any other responsibilities you have and also think of an outstanding content idea to come back with. This itself will give the audience some buzz as they had no idea where you went and maybe even noticed that your articles weren’t popping up on their news feed. The mystery is key.

19) Create a series

Implementing a series into your blog section is highly engaging because it can bring your audience want to come back for more. It’s the same as a TV series – watching one amazing episode makes you want to watch the whole series, so by producing a series of really interesting articles will hopefully influence your target audience to become a loyal reader and potential customer.

As you should know by now, Local Buzz Marketing have our own series, known as ‘The Latest Buzz News’, which are blogs we do monthly based on our business and personal achievements. Check out our recent one here.

20) Answer Questions

Gather some FAQ’s, whether its from social media, your website or both! Answering those frequently asked questions will not only show you acknowledge these questions but will provide your audience with the correct and efficient answer, therefore, building trust and potentially a new customer-business relationship. blog

21) Audio

Whilst written content is the most popular type of content, it is also the most common. As a business today you should be branching out, discovering any new ways that you can stand out from your competitors – and audio is a good way to start. By recording yourself reading your content, then uploading it, your audience then has the opportunity to experience new media and also multi-task, doing their own thing whilst listening. The uniqueness of this idea and how rare it is can potentially divert your target market’s attention to you.

22) Compare trends

Another content type you don’t see enough is comparing or referring back to your previous articles. Furthermore, say for example you produced an article based on Summer’s graphic design trends of 2017, creating a 2018 version then frequently referring back to last years and how it has changed since then is an interesting and highly-engaging topic for you and your audience. You yourself are also able to compare how you as a content creator has changed in a year.

23) Competitions

This is always a fun process for your audience and your company! Hosting a competition with an exciting prize always gives our audience a buzzy feeling, the interactions you get can be crazy. Sure, this will mean you will have to invest in some sort of prize, but competitions never fail to earn some engagement or even increase conversion rates – and not only that, but you are making one of your members a happy one by awarding them with a prize for their participation.

24) Analytics

This point will not always apply to all businesses reading, as some information may wish to stay confidential. However, there have been a few companies that have been happy with sharing the analytics of their websites, such as their website user rate or average session time. Including these small metrics can show your audience how well you are doing in terms of customers and conversions, hopefully building their trust and influencing them to convert into a loyal customer. It doesn’t always have to be as complicated as these metrics, as you can, for example, celebrates milestones on your social media or promote how thankful you are for the number of interactions on a post (shares and comments etc.).

25) A-Z blogs

This content type is a blog where you discuss a topic with 26 points, all beginning with each letter of the alphabet. For example, If you are creating an article about blogging, you can do points such as “All things blogging”, “Behind the scenes”, “Content types”, “Deciding on a topic” etc. to make the blog look interesting and fun. These types of blogs contain a lot of information as well, so it is commitment.

Thank you for reading!